Hearing Impaired Children needs Hearing Aids!

Communication for the Hearing Impaired children is very challenging. We can communicate only in “sign language” that we have learned but not many people understand Sign Language and not all Hearing Impaired people know sign language. Also the cost of Hearing Aid machines is very high. Are there Indian made hearing aid machines? That might be cheaper?

Data shows that 10-15% Deaf children can start speaking if they have been provided with hearing aid. Since they are very costly, issue that can be resolved for many remains to be attended by donors and CSR funds.

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  1. There are 2 issues you have mentioned in this post.
    1. Communication with the public at large is definitely difficult when the two parties do not understand the same language. As I can see you are capable to read and write a simple solution might be to carry a pen and note pad to communicate in the language understood by the people. It may not be practical to expect a large population to understand sign language.

    2. As far as hearing aids are concerned there are many options and you should check the internet to get good prices. You can write to me directly and we can try to see how we can help you.



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