To lead as the “CHANGE MAKER” with 360 degree THOUGHT LEADERSHIP for the Specially Abled People (SAP) in India, focused on Accessibility, Education and Employment led Empowerment that helps build INCLUSIVE 21st century Indian society.

To create online community of SAP, their families and the entire eco-system, that will generate mass awareness on Opportunities (political, business, volunteer, charity etc.) within disability sector, issues as well solutions available Globally, vibrant community to collaborate for the individual empowerment.

To be THE Voice of millions of Specially Abled People of India, for Inclusive growth and better quality of life.


To provide a Global Platform to the ecosystem of disabled people, families, NGOs, Advocacy groups, Solution and Service providers, entrepreneurs, business community and researchers etc. with the opportunities, ideas, solutions to contribute to the upliftment of the quality of life, for the empowerment of Persons with Disability in India.


  • Provide useful information to individuals, corporations, NGOs and providers of services
  • To promote Assistive Technology and ICT products and solutions to enable and empower individuals to live independent life
  • To promote CSR projects in Disability sector with help of trade organizations such as Chamber of Commerce, FICCI, CII chapters etc.
  • To promote employment of 1 Million Specially Abled People by year 2022
  • To help individuals and families by way of counselling for education, career, solutions and rights in the Indian legal context
  • To promote Accessibility through “Accessible India Campaign” with government, corporations and also social leaders for promoting “Theory of Dharma” in our society by providing social and physical accessibility

Our Philosophy

In India, the Disabled community has remained marginalized and without much strength to affect change as a result of many reasons from social apathy to dearth of resources. Charitable organizations, private donors and people working in the community have been doing their part in alleviating the problems of illiteracy, poverty, inaccessibility to resources and aids to a certain extent but it has remained local and limited in impact. We believe that everyone will benefit immensely if we can come together as a strong democratic force, joining hands on online community to share issues, instances of injustice, suffering, ignorance and of course solutions available in the WORLD from Assistive technology to Adaptive technology, service delivery mechanisms and experts in those fields and connect and collaborate with each other. This will not only bring the Disability community together but also strengthen their voice as a group to connect with Government, corporations and others to engage and pursue in collaboration – Vision 2020 implementation.

We believe, everyone is Temporarily Abled hence our Vision and agenda should be supported by all citizens of India and not just Specially Abled People or their families.

Our Philosophy is to solve this social issue with capitalistic approach that provides opportunities to all and is sustainable for long term with high impact as opposed to charity and welfare which are not self sustainable and short lived with limited impact.

Our Advocacy efforts are focused on leadership layer in India to inspire them make inclusive decisions, “see” their “sustained benefit” by associating with our cause of Empowerment of SAP. It will open up many avenues of empowerment for the individuals, matching of service needs with providers, connect projects and funding sources and foster creativity and innovation leading to EMPOWERMENT.

We are guided by the light to do whatever we can with the help of available technology to make every single PwD/SAP in India THRIVE…

Founder: Shri Pranav Desai
Twitter ID: pranavdesai2014
Email ID: