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Voice of SAP (Specially Abled People) is a unique ADVOCACY focused technology platform that provides opportunity to its thousands of volunteers and eco system partners to connect with each other, share experiences, spread awareness, create accessibility database using our “VOSAP” mobile app, VOICE their issues, solutions, information, projects that needs CSR funding or other donations from across the globe.

We are focused on inspiring LEADERSHIP (Elected, Social, Government, Corporate, Media, Entertainment, Religious Leaders, who can take inclusive decisions) with a TOP-DOWN approach through our THOUGHT LEADERSHIP and Technology Solutions driven advocacy efforts. Our mission is to create a mass movement and achieve overall transformation, change in quality of life of millions of Specially Abled People and perception towards them in our society so that 21st century Global village as they call it becomes a proud INCLUSIVE society.

We are glad to mention 2 milestone achievements of our advocacy efforts namely Parts of our 12 goals of Vision 2020 are now adopted by current Govt. of India (through 7 manifesto commitments to Specially Abled People in its election manifesto), Accessible India Campaign (Vision to Reality), launched by H’ble PM Shri Narendra Modi.

The transformation has started and time is just RIGHT.

  1. 65% of population below age of 35 (Demographic Dividend) can become the change agents for creating inclusive and rights based society.
  2. Push from UN per the treaty where 160 counties are signatories for UNCRPD and India has also signed in 2007, is driving market forces, innovations and growing Global demand from disability sector that is generating resources and business case with favorable economics
  3. Political WILL – firm support of Government of India (as reflected in their 7 commitments for Specially Abled People, launch of Accessible India Campaign etc.)
  4. Technology solutions that can be made affordable for People of India and catering to the global markets by following “Make in India”, “Digital India” initiatives of Government of India
  5. CSR law in India that has generated huge resource pool for catering to the needs of social sector also such as disability

Let us all seize this opportunity to EMPOWER every SAP, Divyang i.e. Person with Disability (PwD) to live and strive to live their life to the fullest by creating a strong voice that can be heard by society and its leaders to participate in implementing the change.

We have several projects to choose from per your interest, an opportunity to make the lasting impact.

Please read our Volunteer Handbook and if you like, please download our mobile app or join on website (register your membership) with our team of passionate volunteers to actively engage and provide voice to the needs and Empowerment of 70 Million Specially Abled People of India and over 1 BN, worldwide.

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